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Deadlift Weakness

Hey Jim,

I have stalled at 475 as my max deadlift in my personal quest for 500 lbs. after watching video of myself I learned my hip shoot up 4-6 inches before the bar breaks off the floor during my heavy sets - < 90%. Basically I look like a rdl, how can I keep my hips down? How can I activate more hamstrings? I have tried your advice to start over minus 10% my TM but I stall again in the high 400 lbs range. My squat is 405 lbs. any help is welcome. Thanks

What helped me was when I read an article that talked about that you don’t pull up on the dead lift as much as pull backwards. That made a big difference for me. Do you have a video you can post?

I have videos of 455 and 475 but I cant seem to upload them. I tried attaching them but they take for forever to upload. what am I missing?

Sounds like you need to set your hips higher when you begin the lift. The DL is not a squat - you are looking at this “problem” in a VERY wrong direction. You can’t force a muscle to activate more - and it sounds like you simply hit a plateau. Welcome to lifting as this shit happens all the time. Stop, back up, and hit the ground running again.