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Deadlift: Weak Grip Problem


Hi, how are you all?

I have a problem deadlifting: when I deadlift, the bar begins to slip out of my hands.

I think it is probably because I have a weak wrist/grip.

What can I do about it?

Is there a way to change how I hold hte bar?

Right now, I hold the bar with my hands in opposite directions: ie right hand facing my left hand away from me, then switching sides after each set.

Thank you


Hook grip!


Other than that, work on grip strength.

I've got this problem too, and I don't know which exercises are the good ones.

Hopefully someone else can chime in.


Lots of things you can do to help so here is my idea for you, Im sure other people will have some good ideas too
The good ol captians of crush!


Use wrist straps when you get to a weight that you can't hold anymore. Don't use the straps until you have to though, and make an effort to keep lifting heavier weights without straps. Over time, your grip should start to catch up with your back strength and you will be able to hold more weight. In addition to this, you can try simply holding heavy barbells for as long as you can, and doing farmer's walks to develop grip strength.


Have you used chalk?

How much do you deadlift now?

What are your stats (height/weight, how long you've trained, etc.)?

Have you used straps?

How many sets/reps do you normally peform?


You probably should've done a search...this has come up numerous times. I'll save you the trouble this time.

I recommend doing as much as you can and then using wrist straps. You should also be doing some grip training (do a search for that) to bring your grip strength up to par. If you aren't already doing so, start using a hook grip (once again, use the search function).


Rack pulls.

More weight but less time to hold the bar so it should help beef up your grip a bit.

Other than that heavy shrugs without wrist straps.


If you aren't using chalk now, then I would start. Chalk on it's own will add lbs to your deadlift. After you can't hold the bar with chalk, then you add straps.

The hook grip is great for the olympic lifts, but it will cause a lot of pain to start off with. It isn't a comfortable grip by any means.



Didn't read the other posts, so forgive me if this came up.

You need one exercise to build your Deadlift grip. Stand with a weighted bar with a standard double overhand grip. Stand in that position for one minute. Do three sets each lasting one minute.

The weight should be so heavy that the one minute is a real challenge. Do this three times per week and advance the weight when it becomes not so difficult.

Your problem will be solved in one month...or your money back.




Thanks for the advice.

I am 21, 5'9", 162 pounds.

I deadlift 170 @ 3 reps (not including the Olympic bar).




Thanks for all the great advice again.

Can anyone recommend a place to get wrist straps online?



Oh... in that case,

Mabey you just need to deadlift more frequently, and eat more.



You're just weak at this point and will need to build up strength over time. Even when I was deadlifting 225lbs, I wasn't using straps. I built myself up to that and then worked on getting stronger. I used straps when I was having grip issues in the 275-300 range. Then I used chalk for a while, then I went beyond that.

Keep the reps low and work on getting your strength up over time. With a mixed grip and chalk, you should be able to work up to a much heavier deadlift.


Use some gloves and suck it up.


gloves and towl chin ups



I already Deadlift 2X per week.

Where can I get chalk online?

Where is the best place to get straps?

Where can I buy a stronger wrist:)?



Who adds weight like this?


Well, I used to have grip problems when I started out.

I think what finally got rid of it was actually the German Body Comp method:


I think I really had three problems which I interpreted as weak grip. 1)My grip was actually weak and doing endurance type training helped because thats the kind of muscle you have in your forearms. 2)Low general physical preparedness. I think my grip would slip because I was generally tired so my body wanted to let go out the weight. Again the above program helped. 3)I could barely reach around my own fat belly.

Any high volume body builder type program would help, assuming you have problems 1 and 2. And I do think these are the problems based on the weights you are using and whatnot.

The other thing is that you need to build tendon strength. That's a slow process. Not many shortcuts except for partial work. I don't think tendon strength will be real factor until you're moving at least three plates anyway.


Anything really.. it is your grip that is the reason you can't deads very well.. you can't grip it you can't lift it..

Their are a couple of ways of doing this.. Get the Ironmind Grippers is one.. do pinch plates, plate holds, get chaulk, get wraps(even tho I think it's fucking stupid to get wraps)

Honestly I think the best way to do this is to get the Ironmind Grippers.. they have improved me SO much on my grip works


You can get chalk and straps at either elitefts or ironmind. Ironmind has grippers and books on grip strength, too.

To help increase your grip strength now, you can do dead hangs from a pullup bar, plate grips, grippers from an athletic store (when you can do 3x12 then they are a warm up for you), towel hangs, wrist rollers and don't forget ZEB's static bar holds.

But don't start using straps now. Just increase your grip strength.