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Deadlift Warm Up


What do you think I should do before I deadlift? I was thinking some light swings or jumping would help prime me for deadlift, but I would really appreciate advice on what exercises I should do.


Or work up to your max lift.

Bar x 20 reps, 135x12, 185x5 225x5, 315x5 (work set)


I do some hyper-extensions to warm up my low back but that's about it, apart from warming up like Fuzzy said.

There's enough of a weight change between the bar and my max for me to be more than warmed up by the time I get there if I don't pace myself.

A generalized warm-up never hurts, though, as long as it doesn't detract form your actual ass-kicking of the day.


As Fuzzyapple recommended, working up to a working weight is always good, although I'd do a little less volume, (e.g., 45x8, 135x6, 185x5, 225x5, 275x5, 315x5)--to each his own, though. Vertical jumps, broad jumps, leg swings, power snatch, etc. would all be good choices. Anything to fire up the nervous system and loosen the muscles and joints will be helpful. I personally like to do a lot of ankle mobility work before I pull. I also like doing quick sets of two or three unweighted vertical jumps between deadlift warmup sets. Try a bunch of things out.


KB swings


I do sldl's to warm-up and stretch my hamstrings.


couple sets of high rep rdls


Thanks for the suggestions guys

I did a couple box jumps and then moved onto my warm up sets doing kb swings in between. Worked like a charm.