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Deadlift w/ Knee Wraps?

I haven’t tried this in many years because it was difficult to clear the added bulk. I can see how this can work in sumo … but Does anyone use wraps w/ conventional DL?

IDK man, Since knee wraps help a bent knee rebound straight and aid with patellar tracking I don’t see how they work at all in a deadlift where ones knees arent bent much.

Now I have worn my Rehband knee sleeves while deadlifting to keep the knees warm but they do foul me up occasionally when the bar snags on them. Because of that I slip them down on my shins to be a shin guard of sorts on max effort pulls while training. I’d never even consider wearing them if I were in a comp.

I know some russians use it for their sumo pulls bc they tend to lock the knees out sooner then finish by extending the back. They also tend to have very wide stances so the extra support might help with overall stability.

My best conventional pull was done while wearing wraps, but that came with a huge asterisk; unbeknownst to me, I had a cyst in my kneecap that would later require surgery and it was causing all kinds of knee pain. In that context, the wraps masked the pain enough that I was able to make progress in the lift.

However, since I had surgery last year and I’ve finally gotten back to pain-free lifting, they have shown to be a hindrance. I wore a light wrap on my weaker knee in my last meet, but I don’t wear it anymore. I think it hurts your ability to feel the posterior chain, and the quads really aren’t doing enough to require a good knee wrap anyway.

I tried them already and squatted down more in an attempt to get some ‘bounce’ out of them… didn’t work one bit, It just threw me into a weaker position to pull when I got my hips down lower.
This might work for someone who has the correct arm/torso/leg length ratios to allow their knees to bend enough when they get into pulling position like lifter B in the picture

I have short arms and dragging the bar over the knee wrap bulk is not fluid.

I was hoping there was some trick to wrapping the knees – want to get past 500lbs… I’ll just add some roman DL to the mix and see if that helps.

[quote]swbrina wrote:
I was hoping there was some trick to wrapping the knees – want to get past 500lbs…

you know what Mark Rippetoe says about shortcuts…

Pay your ‘dues’, the weight will come eventually and you’ll be better off in the long run because of it.