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Deadlift vs. Yates Row + Straight Leg Deadlift


Hello !

I started working out 2 months ago, with a full-body routine focusing on 6 compounds lifts: Squat, Bench press, Rowing Yates, Overhead press, Straight leg Deadlift & Pull-ups. My workout is 3 sets of 5 to 8 reps of each of this lifts, 3 times a week.
Everything is fine and I’m makking progress, but whith all the readings on T-nation I’m tending to think that I should replace Row. Yates + Straight leg Deadlift by a pure & complete Deadlift. Reasons are:

  • Dealift seems to involve the same muscle, and more, than RY+SLD (except maybe for the arms)
  • Deadlift is used in many programs unlike RY+SKD and it might be for a good reason
  • More personal (but probably important too), lot of people are telling that Deadlift are a hell of an exercise and I want to try it because of that

So my question is: should I replace Row. Yates + Straight leg Deadlift by true Deadlifts ?

Thanks !


try both and see which you prefer


If youre following ready program don’t change anything. Also your goals and preferences play a role. If feeling uncertain do dl’s for couple months and then switch for couple months.

But deadlift is one of the most awesome things you can do in a gym. That’s for sure.


As you continue on in your training, you’ll rotate exercises “in” and “out” over time.

Definetly try the deadlifts for awhile. And instead of the Yates row, you could try some T-Bar rows, or 1 arm dumbbell rows.

The strength you have built with the rows and stiff deadlifts will give you a “head start” in Deadlifting.


Thank you for all your responses ! (And sorry for not replying sooner, I’ve been a little busy last week)

I will try the Deadlift and compare both as advised.
One more question: can I perform Deadlifts with the same set/rep scheme as other exercises (3 * 5-8 ; fullbody routine) or should I drop the numbers ? (from what I read, people seems to make less set with Deadlifts because it’s a really demanding exercise, but I might be wrong)


Reasons why people avoid long sets with deadlifts are:

  1. Many lifters can move big weights with the dl, so the stress on their body with heavy high rep deadlifts is huge.

  2. There’s pretty high risk of injury if there’s major flaws in ones form.

  3. They suck, a lot, and people are pussies.

But there is nothing wrong to train DL with high reps. I have done PR sets with deads in 7-15 rep range several times, and have noticed really good results by doing so.

So in short: Yes. Just make sure you’re bracing properly and keeping your form tight. I strongly recommend you to film your deadlifts and see how they look during a long set.


Man I limited my deadlifts to 3 reps to protect my back and recovery for a year and it put my deadlift in the toilet*. Now I do sets of up to 15 and it’s chugging along.

  • I know some folks who successfully do this by increasing their squat volume but I didnt do that.