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Deadlift vs Squat, How's My Progress?

Hi all,
I posted on here a couple of months back to get some insight on where to start. Since then I have been doing Starting Strength. Not sure whether my progress has been great or not, but I have been consistent and have been really enjoying the ride so far. I was trying to evaluate my progress so far, and I have read in a few places that soon after beginning Starting Strength, your deadlift should take over your squat in weight. Alas, that hasn’t been the case with me. I just wanted to check here and see if you guys think that is something that stands out as a glaring issue or not. For reference, I am 25, 180cm/5’11", and my weight hasn’t changed too drastically, 87kg/190lbs to 89kg/196lbs. I’ll also post my stats below (Posting the progression just in case that helps anybody points out flaws in the increments I’ve been using).

Squat and Deadlift: 40kg/90lbs to 105kg/230lbs

So yea, both are even. I do still plan to stick with Starting Strength for 3 more months, or until I reach the stall/deload checkpoints, whichever comes first. I plan to transition to 5/3/1 after that happens.

You may have a body that is better suited for squatting than dead lifting. Or perhaps you aren’t squatting below parallel.


As long as making progress doesnt really matter, one will always progress differently to the other


I wouldn’t worry about it at all. You’re just getting started - you’ve made great progress in two months. Starting with Starting Strength and transitioning to 5/3/1 is a well tested approach that will deliver results. The most important thing is sticking with training.

It’s possible at some point you may plateau on squats for a bit while deadlift keeps going up, but maybe not. Squats can also get more intimidating for some as the weight gets heavier. In some ways, picking heavy weight off the ground, feels less risky than being under the same amount of heavy weight.

Just keep going.

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I felt like the bar was always trying to crush me for the longest time, even now i still dont trust it lol

I plan to upload some form check videos once I get back from an upcoming holiday, so hopefully that will give me a better idea.

Thank you very much for the kinds words. I’ll just keep on doing what I’m doing and see where I am at the 6-month mark.

I would get some lessons to learn how to lift. I did to begin with.