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Deadlift vs Power Clean


Which is better,the deadlift or the power clean, or should I do both?


what's better, apples or oranges, or should you eat them both?

with deadlift, you can really load up the bar and pull some relatively pretty damn big weights.

with a power clean, it's comparatively more of a speed, explosive, and technique type movement.

Personally I love doing deadlifts because I get to put a lot of weight on the bar, I think it's probably one of THE most underrated exercises, and it really does work damn near the whole body.

Powercleans, I love them to. The explosive movement (speed work, anyone?) is almost like the speed movement equivalent to the deadlift. Doing them both won't be a problem.

I often do deadlifts heavy on one day, and then a day or two later hit the powercleans as it acts as a speed day and sort of an active recovery session for the posterior chain. Once you learn what your ideal volume is you should be able to do both and not be a sore sumbitch all the time (otherwise, you'll be a sore sumbitch, or just not making much progress).


What he said.

Both are beneficial in their own way. They aren't really comparable lifts and I don't see why you would think you should do one to the exclusion of the other.


Should I do both during the same workout or on different days?


If you do what Aero Stallion mentioned... using powercleans as an active recovery from heavy deadlifts... that would be separate days. Depending on your sets and reps you could do both during the same workout but I prefer hitting them hard on different days.


I choose to do both, but on separate days. The reason being is that the deadlift work many of the same muscles as the PC, but in different ways.

I personally prefer to do my cleans on squat day. I think that doing the DL woiuld just take too much out of me and i would have as much energy left to do the PC properly.


First : Variation makes power
Second : Use both
Third : No lift eats up another

The third may be wrong at some points, but you shoud cycle around useing difrent exercies to train.

I just started lifting but I use difrent lifts almost all the time with difrent grips so my body never can "get used to" the training I?m doing.

Good Luck .


You should be recovered from one in order to do the other if you're using them to develop maximal strength or maximal power, respectively. This usually means different days.

Very light cleans done to practice form I find makes a good deadlift warmup.



If you do one exercise for too long, it wears you down in your CNS. You have put new and fresh demands on yourself to keep making progress. Similar to boxers playing soccer a day or two before a match. It's a sort of refresher and beneficial in a great way. This is also why powerlifters and football players pull weighted sleds. The sled is in no way a drill for the chosen sport, however the load and demand is unlike the drills and therefore causes a certain restoring and refreshing reaction from the body. Therefore, doing a straining deadlift training session and a few days later doing a nice vigorous PC session will not drag you down in any lifts but would rather condition your body to stand up to and overcome the demands. Besides, that shit is fun anyway! That's why most of us do the iron game.


Just my 2 cent - but I really like doing power cleans AFTER heavy deadlifts in the same session...the power cleans feel really light after deadlifting beacause of the reduced load used in the cleans.



I am trying to develop the perfect back routine. Currently I am doing chin ups, bent over rows and deadlifts. I usually do around 6 sets of each, I start out with a moderate weight and finish heavy with 1 or 2 reps. I would like any sugesstions. I work out at home with no spotter.I would like to get stronger and bigger without over training.


You're comparing apples to oranges. Yes both work the hell out of the posterior chain, but one movement is an explosive lift and the other is a grind. Their both great multijoint exercises. If you're going to do both, always do cleans b4 the deads, because you should always be able to lift more in the deadlift than in a power clean. My 2 cents.



You could just do full cleans from the floor.