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Deadlift Video?

I love deadlifts, do them once a week religiously…I feel as though I have damned good form, although, hell, it’s possible I’m talking out of my ass. My girlfriend recently converted to lifting and she’s been trying to deadlift. From what I can see, her form is fine, and yet she says she can feel no tension whatsoever in her hamstrings.

Is this possible? She’s a former ballet dancer, so could she have built up some sort of bizarre strength in her hamstrings or some sort of muscle imbalance that makes deadlifts not function as designed? (Although I have a feeling that it is more likely something is incorrect in my teaching).

I know, get to the point…what I’m asking is, does anyone have a link to a video example of a proper deadlift? I’ve been wracking my brains trying to get her to do it right…I have her watch me, I’ve been having her practice her form incessantly…nothing seems to be working. I’m leery of asking for help in the gym; I’ve seen waaaay too many guys doing the old deadlift/good morning/horribly arched back surprise and it doesnt even look close to healthy.

I’ve read and reread Ian King’s advice and force fed it to her…still, nothing. So, again, any video links would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

I too would like to see a good video. I am a younger trainer and have recently begun to focus much of my leg work on my posterior, as i have had past minor nerve problems and am looking to stregthen the area. I have been doing waiters bows and good mornings and i frankly do not really feel the stress in my hamstrings. There is soreness later, and growth, but i don’t feel it in the gym. I go heavy enough so as to stress, and push myself, but would like to advance to hte ultimate, deadlifts.

this is something i’ve been meaning to do for a while, you just gave me a good reason.


these aren’t the best, but it might give you an idea, i just searched real quick on google

Here’s a link to a deadlift video. I’m not sure that it’ll help.


Although this has been posted before, here’s the website with tons of exercise videos.


One of my favorite deadlift videos to watch, because of the form and the massive weight and the motivational aspects of it, if one video that Brad Cordoza posted here in his now famous “Stones and Tires” picture thread. Do a search, scroll down till you see where he started posting various video clips, and you’ll see a deadlift clip.


has some good videos.

The deadlift video at elitefts.com is a good choice and Dave Tates article on deadlifting. It can be found at this site and at elite. I forgot the name though.

thanks, the links definitely help out…

i can’t figure out what her deal is, both her form and mine look perfect…

oh well - guess i’ll just make her keep trying.



In case you had trouble I will try to post here, but I have yet to post video on the new page, we’ll see how it goes.


Most dancers have really strong hams. They try to keep that slinder leg look and use their hams instead of their quads for damn near everything. So it could be that she just has really freakin strong hams.

How do I know this random crap? I dated one and she talked a lot.

Wow, Cardoza…thanks for making my testicles absolutely shrivel up! I’m doing 225 and I been feeling good about it…

Seriously though, I guess it just might be all that dancing…

Thanks again