Deadlift Video

I have been look for videos and what not on deadlifting (i injured myself a little while back due to some shabby technique when the weight got heavy) Have been reading alot on Dave tate’s site and there seem to be a bunch of great info…in fact i already am incorperating alot of the sublimental exercises on the sit. i was wondering if anyone has purchased the westside deadlift video. I was thinking of getting it, but i’m a college student living check by check so i want to make sure it is worth my while before i drop 40 bones on it.


I haven’t seen it. But to cut down on your costs get your training buddies to pitch in with yah. You can always watch it then sell it second hand as well.

I’ve ordered many products from Dave. In video’s I have the bench press training video and the seminar. I think that both were worth every penny. I know I don’t have the DL video. But based on past experiences I think you’ll Like it.

Dave’s site has a Q&A. one of the subjects is products. I’m sure you could post a question about what you’re looking for in the video and Dave will tell you if it has what you’re looking for