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Deadlift Variation with 2 Bars?

I saw a deadlift variation somewhere on this site, but now can’t find it. Wanted to try it out…

What you did was set two bars on the ground parallel to each other, one end of both against the wall. Loaed the other end, grip one bar end in each hand, and do a Romanian-type deadlift.

There were some tips/details I can’t recall, and like I said, can’t fin d what article or whatever it was in.

Anyone know what I’m talking about? Little help here…

It is called a two barbell deadlift. Use a hook grip (thumb under fingers) and bar with center knurling. The center is key on this lift. Make sure when you pull your balance is spot on. use really good collars until you get the hang of it. The heavier in weight you go the more important balance is. My opinion, if you have a trap bar, use it instead.