Deadlift Upper Back Pain

lately i’ve been shifting my training focus towards building more strength, in particular my bench and my deadlift. currently, i pull about 300pds for 3 reps (i know its not much. i’m working on it.)

so anyways, once i start attempting to pull 300, there’s this sorta pain around my upper back, like the skin is tearing. its not painful but its like a kitten just went berserk on it. is this normal? i was wondering if anyone else gets this feeling as well.

not sure why you feel like a kitten attacked your back haha but you may just be feeling real tight/pumped from doing the deadlifts and your not use to the feeling…as long its not uncomfortable or some sort of severe pain in your spine than keep after the deads!! deadlifts are THE best exercise in the gym for you body, only squats can compete with it…

also make sure your not shrugging the bar too much, if you could post a video of your deadlift that would be great, i know its a pain in the ass but if you could that would be cool, if not no biggie…but all in all, keep doing the deadlifts as long as its not a severe pain thats really uncomfortable…keep me posted even if you wanna PM me, we will get you through this kitten attack!! haha good luck bro

It could be that your not keeping your shoulders locked back and thats causing them to roll foward and stretch your traps.

[quote]SmittyTheOx wrote:
It could be that your not keeping your shoulders locked back and thats causing them to roll foward and stretch your traps.[/quote]

That could be part of it, but thats a good thing…guys like Andy Bolton keep there shoulders forward when they deadlift becuase it takes away that extra inch or two when locking out the lift…it doesnt sound like much but when your getting up there in weight that extra inch or two can make a huge difference…deadlifts are hitting your entire back anyway, from top to bottom, you may just not be used to the soreness and lifting the weights…just keep after it and results will come

hmmm… thanks for the input guys. i’ll try and get a video of myself deadlifting soon. probably monday. it’d be great to have someone critic my form too. no one else seems to deadlift in the college gym except me for some odd reason. and so far the guys who i have seen deadlift do it with a 40 pd plate at each end and they think its heavy. i dont think i could get much from them.