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Deadlift type

To me it seems that one of the most popular excercises used on this is the deadlift. But there are many variations. Deadlift from the ground, from blocks, some people like to take it off the rack and do the negative first. Stiff legged. I was curious about which deadlift everyone usually does. Also what different grips everyone like? I have always used stiff legged deadlifts (with a straight back) and want to get into the more traditional bent leg deadlifts.

I do standard bent-legged deads with a pronated grip for the warm-up sets, then go with a mixed grip for the work sets (switching between sets). I have the standard weights (not Olympic) and use a 50 plate as the first plate, so I put it on a block to get the same height as a standard Olympic 45 (I may have overshot this and gotten it a bit higher, but it works for me).

My two favorites are Romanian DL’s and Snatch Grip DL’s. RDL’s hit the posterior chain really well, and SGDL’s really help to improve my DL start. I used to do Keystone DL’s, they’re brutal on the hamstrings. I use a hook grip.

Thanks for the replies. I will eventually try them all but its great to hear what people like and what works for them.

I do both sldl & standard deads, both with pronated grip (and straps for heaviest sets–yes, I know that is wimpy)–I do sldl on squat day, then standard deads followed by unilateral hack squats 3 days later–I love standard deads, since that is my strongest lift

I like regular deadlift and do them on back day. It is such a full body workout hitting the traps, upper and lower back, forearms, initiates the hips and hits the legs. In my mind it is the best exercise you can do along with squats.

I do sumo deads and SLDL’s (stiff, not straight) regularly. The sumos I only do when I get to the 5 rep range in my HST cycles (so it’s around 4-5 weeks in every 12). They’re a great exercise and hit the legs much more efficiently than regular ones.

i do standard dl, deadlifts while standing on blocks, partials off pins, reverse band dl, band dl, sumo deadlifts, stiff legged dl, romanian dl, dl with chains, dimel dl and probably other cariations that don’t have names. i warm up with a double over hand grip but quickly change to an over/under grip when i get heavier. when i do very heavy partials, i may use straps for the last set.

i never do stiff or straight legged deadlifts. purposed to be dangerous when you get to big time weights. goodmornings serve the same essential function

I do SLDL every leg day. Right now, I’m super setting SLDL’s and leg curls. I really like them for the hammys. I also like goodmornings as suggested above, but I have a problem keeping my back straight during those. So that makes them the more injury prone exercise for me.
BTW, I do SLDL while standing on a platform with Olympic wieghts. To really hit my hammys I have to really stretch down.