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Deadlift Tutorial I Made



I made this last night. Can anyone give me some feedback on it or tell me if it helped you out?

The bar will scrape against your shins the whole time and this will be slightly painful. To avoid cuts I put the back pad for squats on the front of the bar.

I was trying to show this in the front angle with 315 but it got so fucking dark you cant see it. My 1rm is 405 as seen in my previous videos on the site

When I had a rounded back and bad form the weight I could do was much higher but I got back pain when sitting down. I could do 405x4. Now I can only do 405x1


Are you saying that the first part of the video is something we should NOT do?


im saying that when i did the first style, as taught by Mark Rippetoe, that my back rounded. Thats what I show in teh "what not to do" part at the end.

I do the 2nd style, moving the shoulders back. This was the only way to not get my back to round I have found


Oh, okay...cause I got a little confused as to the cut screen right before dave tate's video. Otherwise it was a good tutorial! Just need a little more lighting. =P


Tuck your shirt in if you want to get a better view of the back position.



yeah the camera sucks

see my other video here for my pr of 405 with better lighting



Your bar path wasn't too great. The bar should move in a straight line and not go arond your knees


It should go through his knees?


people say that you should be in contact with the bar on the entire lift


also i dont think its even possible to do that without rounding the back.....


I think your form looks good.


Yes, many times after deadlifting, my shins are scraped up. Actually though, it doesn't need to be in contact, I think Rippetoe suggests something like an inch between the bar and your shins at setup.

But the main reason why you are having to go around your knees, is your shin angle. If your shins were more perpendicular to the ground, it would be less of a problem going around your knees. I think Rippetoe also suggests that lifting in a weightlifting shoe makes this setup easier.

Lastly, another option is a "controlled drop" for the eccentric. This can eliminate the problem of going around the knee.

It may seem like this isn't a big deal, but if you look at your other videos ; (I think the 315 one) when you are going around your knees your weight is shifting forward onto your toes. This is definately not idea.

Pretty good form though, and good music.


I realize that the weight was causing me to go forward on my heels in the OTHER videos because i was wearing athletic shoes that did NOT have a flat heel. If you look carefully you can tell that the shoes in the current video are flat soled and i dont wobble or shift.

Someone pointed that out to me before i made the video so i bought new shoes at kmart. Only $8 and they are chuck taylor replicas but with a little skull on the side lol

i have to disagree on the shins more perpendicular thing. It would make it much harder to get a flat back. In fact i think it would be impossible.....just took anatomy last semester.

Any videos of yourself doing it for comparison?


KK im not sure what in anatomy led you to believe that shins perpendicular means you cant keep your back flat, but watch this video.

You are basically lining up TOO FAR from the bar. In all of your practice attempts with no bar, and your first pulls, it looks as if the bar is setup right above your toes. If you line up closer with the bar about 1cm-1in from your shin, it will be physically impossible to get the excessive shin angle that you are having.


"Just pick the fv


You do pull the bar around your knees a little because you start with quite a bit of forward shin angle/knees forward. However, you have about the best form possible with that style. The problem you're going to have is the hips kicking in late when you get the bar to the knee, that's why your pull looks like two parts; a leg press to the knee and then hips forward to lock out. Not a bad thing per se, just beware of rounding and deterioration in form from knee to lockout as you go heavier.


You squat the bar up rather than deadlift it. Many people (Cressey, Bolton) recommend relaxing the shoulders and keeping a tight lower back to produce the appropriate arch. If you are having trouble with keeping your back from rounding you mite have some mobility issues??


thanks for the heads up bro

do you have any videos of yourself so I can compare? Thanks


Im pretty sure I dont have any mobility issues. I dont want to lift like the people at the end of the video where I ONLY use my legs for the first part then ONLY use the back to lockout. I would rather use legs and back for equal amounts of time and get them to rise in unison.

I havent had any back pain at all since doing this when before I got quite a lot.

Do you have a video of yourself so I can see how you do it?


I deadlift tomorrow so I can try to get a video up. But i DO have mobility issues in hamstrings which gives me a rounded back and squatting less and keeping my thoracic spine relaxed has helped much.