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Deadlift Training Routine Question


First off will start with a hello! Finally signed up! Thanks in advance for reading this post!

I have a niggling question at the mo regarding my deadlift training. Am currently working towards getting 400, tonight got me a 375 for 3(2 mins rest between reps) and next session will hopefully get me 10lbs heavier. My question is as long as I'm adding weight each session should I stop questioning what I'm doing as obviously it's working cos I'm getting stronger so keep adding the weight each session or should I spend time at 70-80% zone and work at that before adding weight?
I read andy bolton and stronglifts, starting strength etc and have a good understanding but sometimes get caught up in the complexity of the training.

My session incase you wanted an overlook is
25 2x5
35 2x3
45 2x2
55 1x2

65 1x1
70 1x1
75 1x3

Many thanks


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Don't complicate things if it's working. Continue riding the gains and repeating until it stops working because you'll regret hitting a plateau if it was caused by the change you made. There are different ways to train but the most important thing is making progress.

What do those numbers represent? Is that 325 2x5, 335 2x3, 345 2x2, etc.?


You take a lot of small jumps for deadlift. I would suggest getting to your work sets a bit faster, and then doing more reps at the top.
Something like.
315 x 2
345 x 1
370 x 1
400 x as many as possible.

There is nothing wrong with catching volume on the way up, but in powerlifting, you want to have as much energy as possible for your work sets. Those sets matter the most.


Thanks to you both. Pretty sound really, whilst still able to add weight keep it going!

It's a habit of mine to start thinking too deep about something. I read that andy bolton says with a 400 max he'd have you do a ton of doubles and triples at 220-280 then hit a 1rm and increase the training weight only if you keep beating your 1rm every 6 weeks or so.

Yep sorry those numbers are kg plates each side. Will get in the habit of pounds :wink:


Keep with that program until the gains stop. You will know when it stops working. Didn't realize you meant kilos either.


If you can, post a video of your deadlift. If you are a newer or inexperienced lifter you could be missing out on easy weight on the bar just by adjusting your setup and start position.


Will certainly try that next session will record. Have for an iphone full of old recordings that I look back on but the biggest thing is learning to brace my abs, absolutely love getting the rep and not feeling a thing in my lower back.
Thanks for the replies and thanks for having a look at the post. Much appreciated.