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Deadlift Torquing of the Spine


I am starting out with feet even, but by the time I'm locked out, my left arm is about two inches further forward than my right. And everything appears tight and straight up. I do notice more strain on the right paraspinals, but technique doesn't matter (sumo, hybrid, normal).


What does the left arm being forward mean? Are you twisting your torso, or is the bar out away from your body?

Are you using a mixed grip?


Left hand is underhand grip. Even though everything seems straight, without video I can't really tell, the bar is at least 2 inches further forward on the left, while still against my legs. It's pronounced enough to see from my POV and when I set the bar back down.


So then your legs must not be "even" then either. Correct ? Im just trying to picture this in my mind....

The first thing I would do is to stop using a mixed grip. Use it only for your heaviest of sets. Your grip will be stronger in the long run anyway.


If your feet are even, it almost has to be something to do with the fact that this is your underhand side. Have you had previous bicep injury on that side? Do you notice pain or tightness in the bicep on that side? It seems possible (maybe even likely) that your bicep is either slightly flexed or shortened in some way, causing that hand to be farther forward. A friend used to have to work very hard on stretching his before deadlifting.


take a vid


Further explanation/video needed.

Surely if your legs are even and the bar is against your legs when you finish there is no way that this can happen?


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I used to do this too actually. I am willing to bet your technique is terrible. That was my problem.


If you say so boss


I was agreeing with you, chief.




OP listen to STB he knows his shit


Haha. Glad we're on the same page, chum.


You got it, cap'n.


could an imbalance in the traps/sholders cause this?


there should be a stickie at the top of the page that states- "if you want feedback or critique on a particular lift then a video is necessary".

get a video. without that it's just shooting in the dark.


I have this problem too. Even with double overhand grip. For me I think it has to do with not being able to keep my left scapula retracted. I dunno though. I'm interested to hear what others have to say after a video is posted.


Unless there was some kind of serious injury he has suffered, which he very well could have, a muscular imbalance probably is not the problem. It could be an activation problem, which a lot of people have and don't even realize, an impingement somewhere in the hips or shoulders, or a severe technique issue. Like others have said, without a video, he could only have one fucking leg for all we know.


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