Deadlift to Knees

Has anyone ever had any success with these? I noticed them on Sheiko, but they seem kind of…strange to me (not that Boris doesn’t know what he’s doing). I just question their benefit to conventional pullers who, like me, are generally strong off the floor. The thing that really gives me pause, though, is the thought of conditioning myself to stop my pull once I hit the knees.

Anyway, I’d like to give #29 a go as written, but I’m curious to hear people’s experiences.

Bonus question: I don’t have an incline BB bench. What would be the superior replacement, DB incline or BB military? Minor details?

Yeah, pretty minor, but most people consider the military press superior to inclines.

Deadlift to knees actually stops when you go over the knees - not to knees.

So the rack pulls (below the knees) or as he calls them box deadlifts and the deadlifts “to knees” actually overlap on the knee portion of the lift giving you more work on the most problematic part of the lift for most, plus they’re easier on the nervous system - which is important with a volume program like sheiko.

Good luck with it

Thanks, d00m. That was very informative.

Pulls to the knees are a cool DL variant. I’ve used them in my training on occassion. I think they will probably help a sumo puller more- especially if you focus on a good knees-out, hips-low starting position and repeat that with each rep.