Deadlift Tips? Form Check

Once again I thought my form was alright but it looks terrible in the video to me. Any tips would be appreciated

Any tips in posting a video first

I’m not an authority on this, but I don’t want to leave you without a response.

You seemed to pull with the hips rather high. They didnt travel a lot.
This meant your lower back had to do all the work to get it up. Then your glutes engage just before the lock out and they shoot forward real quick.

When you engaged with the bar your near elbow bent a little on both lifts (more noticeable on No.2)
Your focus seemed to be entirely on getting the weight UP rather than keeping tight and getting vertical.
You may have just been taking the slack off the bar, but I think you’re better to do this by setting the back.
When at the bottom you raised your head so that you could look straight forward. This took your spine out of alignment.

Just my two cents, but I would get the hips lower, pull the bar to me so that the spine is in a neutral position, the lats are engaged and the chest is open.
I would then get tight and push my feet through the floor while I hinge, so to get vertical; not to lift the weight.