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Deadlift Technique: What Do You Think?

Hey I posted about my squat and bench-press before, but I would like some feedback on my deadlift now. These are my final 2 sets before deload week. Any critiques would be helpful:

Make sure you reset yourself and the bar after every rep, as this will help prevent the breakdown of form - you lost your lower back arch pretty quick and your shoulders drifted in front of the bar in the second vid

Gotcha. So, you’re of the opinion that shoulders should be behind the bar, not in front a la Rippetoe

I find i produce more power that way when deadlifting, because i pull up and back, and it’s one of my cues to be able to start moving the bar.
However, when I’m power-cleaning, shoulders are in front.

Cool thanks. I’ve got a few things I need to play around with.

I agree with caveman that you need to reset yourself. From my perspective, your second video looked painful. I could feel pain coming over my lower back watching it because you never release your back from holding the weight at the bottom of the rep. You also cheat yourself a little bit from the the true purpose of the deadlift, which is to lift a weight while it is in a static state… every time you go to the bottom of the rep you get a little bounce which helps tremendously but cheats you slightly. My last criticism would be that on the very first rep of your 2nd video you jerked it-- next time make sure there is no slack. That will probably save you from some sort of future injury.

Cool thanks. My gym just put in the rubber matting and got new barbells which have a lot of whip to them. So, I’m still trying to adjust to them.