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Deadlift Technique Update, Please Critique

Question A):

Look at my deadlift form. Personally, I think my form is bad. My main issue is my back going from flat to slightly round as I start the lift.
Am I overthinking this whole deadlift business? Is my form actually ok? I know I need more work , but in what area exactly?

Question B):

I’ve deduced that the weak point in my deadlift is my back. I’ve been doing many block pulls and paused deadlifts focusing on back tightness. My back is getting hit harder than ever and I’m learning to get my lats really tight before a pull. Is this the right approach based on what the video shows?

Let me know if more info is needed.

Here’s a slo mo:

Your back rounds a little bit, its not like a frightened cat or anything though.

Your head angle. Try looking slightly down, to put your spine in a more natural position. Its head back, not head up. keep that chin down and drive your head into your traps.

Can’t really tell because of the angle, but it looks like your starting with the bar right up against your shins?

Edit: The reason I ask is the bar moves forward as it comes off the floor and then comes back after it gets past your knees. Maybe play with being a few inches away from the bar in your set up.

You shoulders are quite a bit over the bar, I wouldn’t say your lats are a weakness but that you arent properly using them. When you setup think about pulling your elbows in and pulling your chest up.

This might explain things a little better: