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Deadlift Technique Training!

Just a clip of me practicing my deadlift technique. Never paid attention to it too much but my deadlift lagged cause of it and i KNOW i was liftnig with a round back before.
I read Starting Strength, and this book is amazing for technique teaching, covers everything. I’m following his guidelines.
I think in this vid I am maybe extending my hips first, so I think I’m extending my knee’s too much first. What do you guys think?

Good job picking up Starting Strength- it’s one of those books that is worth a reread every couple of months just because you find something new every time.

Form wise, Knees are extending too soon. Hips are shooting up a little before the actual pull as well.

You’re also just dropping the bar while looking like a scared cat. Do it fast but under control- the opposite of the way you brought it up.

A few points:

-Since you’ve got starting strength, you should know that you’ve got to keep your back angle the same while you extend your knees. What I see is your knees extending and your butt coming up without the bar going anywhere.

-It looks like you may be falling forward a bit as well. Keep your weight back on your heels.

-I think it’s a bad idea to spend that much time in position before you pull. Not so much a form issue, but you could end up lifting less weight.

-If you’re going to do the negative (rather than letting go of the bar), undo the lift. Bring your hips back and let the knees go once you’ve cleared them. You’re dropping it like a stiff leg deadlift. Good way to hurt yourself when the weight gets heavy.

good advice so far

I recommend making an effort to keep the bar closer. You are really letting it get away from you. You want that thing dragging up the thighs at lockout!

Thanks a lot. Yeah that’s what I’ve been correcting. I always knew I deadlifted wrong, I’ve done 500 this way and I know it’s just wrong so I want to do it right or not do it at all!

You guys are right I jsut re-watched the video again, I had a feeling I as extending too soon and I am. Bar getting away from me, bum coming up also before bar moving, I am falling forward a little and in the book it says heels to remind to keep weight on heels.I’ll also fix up my dropping of weight. It’ll probably take me a few weeks before I get it close to right but I will keep vids updated every week. I will be training deaedlift everyday. Even just with 135lbs will not burn me out or anything, just training the technique.
I have the right idea in my mind, I just gotta make it work physically lol. Thanks a lot though