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Deadlift Technique Review (Video)


Hi everybody please share some opinions about my dedlift technique, what's good and what to improve...


Your vid plays too fast, hard to see the set-up.
And it's tilted to the side, which doesn't make it easy to watch properly.

From wkat I can see it looks fine, but the set-up and initial pull from the ground is what really needs to be scrutinized.

Is this a heavy pull ?


Yes maybe this time will be good, it's 90kg


It should be ok now


1) Set up and go. Don't waste so much time at the bottom getting your grip etc

2)Hips came up really fast, make sure you keep the bar as close to your legs as possible, that will help.


Ok thanks, in a few days I will post conventional deadlift video for review.


You don't want your knees over the bar when you set up. Push them out and sit back more.


I've tried this, but in this position my power of pull is very dimminished ...


I'll preface my comment by saying that my intention isn't to be insulting in the least....your power is likely diminished because your hips are simply too weak to pull off proper technique. If you are going to commit to pulling sumo, my advice would be to start with picture perfect form and make every rep look the same, regardless of weight. If you have less than perfect form, you're setting yourself up to hit a plateau in your progress earlier rather than later. If you must drop the weight in the beginning, do so. It'll pay off in the long run.

Personally, I played with going toward sumo. Through a combination of my leverages and desire to pull heavy weight, I opted not to start over again at the beginning. If if I were seriously going to pull sumo, I'd start at 135 lbs and ensure that every subsequent rep with heavier poundages look the same. Knees shouldn't be over the bar, shoulders should be above or slightly behind the bar. Chad Aich's DVD gives some good pointers on pulling sumo.