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Deadlift Technique Check

I’m attaching a video of a set of deadlifts, and I would appreciate it if I could get a critique of my technique. I started deadlifting about a year ago, but I have never really had enough coaching on it for me to be fully confident that I’m doing the movement correctly. A lot of times after training I experience minor lower back pain, but it doesn’t really feel like an injury (chronic or otherwise) and is always gone in a day or two.

I’m not sure if it’s just normal soreness from training, or indicative of something wrong. This is a warmup set (175), but I don’t go heavy enough that my form degrades from what’s posted here. Thanks in advance for any advice.

CT explains the Deadlift

Konstantinovs is just a beast

Dave Tate is another great resource.

Your DL is very hip dominant from what I can tell and you are fairly good at keeping the bar close and the spine straight (all good things of course). I’m not enough of an expert to give detailed form advice, but you might benefit from more leg drive so you may consider lowering your ass down a bit farther in the starting position.

Thank you both for the help, it’s much appreciated.

I would take the oly shoes off for deadlifts.

Get a flat shoe, this should force your shoulders behind the bar a bit more to fix your upper back rounding. Arch your lower back, get your upper back tight and get your chest up more.

Your body angle is directly responsible for your lower back pain. You are putting more sheering force than needed on your back. Max Weights will always break down some form, but you should at least be able to setup and grab the bar with proper form, which you do not nor are you at a max weight.

Your hips need to be a bit further back and down just a tad. You should almost feel like you’re about to fall backwards and use that moment to pull your hips into the back making you stand erect and locked out.