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Deadlift Technique Check

Can anyone tell me whats wrong.

If so what can i do to correct the minor round in the upper back.

[quote]Jipun87 wrote:
If so what can i do to correct the minor round in the upper back.[/quote]

You can stop worrying about it and get back to deadlifting. Anyone who tells you it’s not okay to have “minor round in the upper back” hasn’t deadlifted anything respectably heavy.

Having a minor rounding of the back is to be expected when you lift near maximum weight. That however does not seem to be your problem.

From what I can see, your start position is way too parallel to the floor and over the bar.You look like you’re going to row that weight not pull it!

At 00:28 seconds you should do the following: 1)flex your triceps 2)Stick that chest out! 3)Tighten your back into an arch

What you’ll find is your body will be behind the bar (instead of over it). Your hips will be lower than your shoulders…this is key. When you take the slack out of the bar you should pull the bar back into your body to lockout, the bar path goes back not straight up…check out this video, dave talks about what your doing at 1:37.

Find a powerlifter in your town to show you what to do in person.

Good luck.

That’s gotta be the first dance club I have ever seen with a barbell station set up… pretty legit.