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Deadlift Technique Check - Hips Too High?


edit: start around 43 sec, the link I pasted didn't pick that up...

Is it OK to lift with my hip this high or should I definitely start lower? I haven't lifter really heavy in a while so getting back it would be great to hear some comments.

I'm 6"5 so not exactly built for PL and I'm training for the upcoming rugby season...

I'm using grip helpers instead of cross grip because that way I don't have any torque or asymmetry in the shoulders...

Thanks for your time.


You didn't even lower your hips at all. For a sumo you are going to need to pull your hips down and into the bar. Getting the knees out. How does your conventional look?


Thanks for the feedback. I'll make a video of conventional DL next time. I sometimes get lower back issues (QL I think) with conventional and feel like I can keep my back more straight with Sumo. But seeing the video makes me wonder about my technique altogether... I'll get back to you once I have footage.


I'll include a couple videos that have helped me with overall deadlift technique:

I think alot of the pain and minor injuries people acquire from deadlifting is a combination of improper technique and poor abdominal bracing. Check out some more of Chris Duffins videos on core stabilization if you want


Thanks for the videos! My core bracing has clearly been suboptimal and lat activation non existent until recently and still poor.

Conventional DLs today were ok. Lower back muscles felt pretty destroyed after but in a good way. I do feel more comfortable doing Sumo so I guess I'll work on the technique there and throw conventional in every once in a while.

Here are two sets from today:


I had some awful lower back pain for a while. Couldn't ride in a car and sit in any chairs without pain, could only deadlift what seemed like once a month and had no idea what was going on. Tight everything in the legs. Stretch man. Get your hips down there. And another thing. Brace your abdomen. It wasn't until I watched Chris Duffins video on Abdominal Bracing that I learned how to actually do it. No back pain or anything since then. Before I was just grabbing the bar and pulling. Now I take that breathe and push into the belly.


I probably could get my hips down, I just don't want to :wink: I wasn't aware how high I start so I guess it's just something to work on. I have pretty good flexibility, I just need to use it.