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Deadlift Technique Advice


I've always been decent at the bench press, but now I'm starting to switch my focus to deadlifting. I can't even tell how good I am compared to others in my class because I've only participated in bench competitions, never ones that included deadlifting. I'm always afraid I'm going to bust my lower back, so always wuss-out on the heavier poundages.

I've pulled 565lb with no suit, with just chalk( no wraps). My stance is very narrow(less than shoulder width) and I don't explode very much on the bottom. I can deadlift 800lb on the power rack with the pins at the bottom(just bellow the knees)my bodyweight is 230lb and I'm 5'11'', 31 years old, and have been training for 18 years.

If anyone has any techniques or training protocols that can increase my strength from the floor, I'd love to hear them.


see you are missing lots of info!
Whats your best comp bench? Was that 565 dead lift recent? Rack pulls can be very much a 'strength feat' that doesn't quite reflect deadlift strength, start dropping the pin heights inch by inch to compare.
Do you squat? What is your max squat... and whats your general training like?
Squating is good for low end strength, or so I find...


You've probably heard this before if you can pull 500+, but the best advice I've seen for strength off the floor is to pull from a deficit. Even if you just stand on a 45 so you're an inch higher, the difference in feel when you let yourself stand on the floor again is huge. sometimes people will stand on as much as 4 inches. I find at 1 inch I can go to 90%max or so, 4 inches I would top out much lower because of the greatly increased difficulty.


You might want to take a look at this article. Might not be for you but does give some good ideas for improving your lift off the floor

"Deadlifting for Stubby Guys"


I've benched 495 for a single and can rep 315 for 20. I generally don't squat more than 455, and I'll do 6-8 reps with that weight. I go to parallel on each rep. The most I've ever squatted was 495, and it was fairly easy.
I had the idea recently to start deadlifting with 35lb plates to force me to pull from a lower level.


The article I posted uses pulling from a deficit as it's main focus. You start quite a ways off the ground and every two weeks you drop closer to the floor. I hit a PR by week four beating my best pull from the ground.


Pulling from a deficit for training is an awesome training method.I changed my convential pull to what I know as "zero" pulls.Literally pulling from the tops of my ankles.Did this with sumos also.
When I went back to a 9" pull I was able to rep my previous max for 6.I did train them for months though before I went back to 9".
Diffently incorporate these into your training.


You're afraid of busting your lower back because?


You need your lower back for like standing up and stuff.



What a stupid question!