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Deadlift target

Still new to the O lifts and powerlifts. And while my training is geared towards the Highland Games, I find myself more and more interested in training for them and broadening my strength sports involvement.

I am really working hard on my dead and clean (it’s ugly). I started out with DB deads to learn the movement and have now moved onto barbell partials.

The question I have is (I’m sure this may be objective) what is a good Dead for someone my size 5’5" 155-160? Is there a benchmark, no pun intended?

It crept into my head that maybe I should try training for some comps. Do they offer a novice division to see if I like it? I’ve seen some that offer single lift competitions.

Any friendly advice/information would be welcome.

Check the back of Powerlifting USA for meet results @ your weight. It varies.

You may want to PM a member named heavythrower. He competed in the highland games so you may want to ask him for some advice.

Thanks for the input fellas. Anyone else have any helpful information feel free to post.
As I am new at this and still have my small sprinter build, my numbers are low (no where near 400).
This is only my 3rd year of Heavy Atletics but I am becoming more and more interested in the other strength sports.

My weakest link is my lower back but I’m working on it.
Right now I am doing only partials:

Partial Deads (from mid shin)
245…I had nothing, 2 attempts both failed, barely got it off the pins in the cage.

Got a long way to go but the 235 was a first for me.
Still at the bottom of the learning curve but I look forward to ‘dead day’ each week.

Also, always wear a belt? Just sometimes?
Am I starting to light? How much should you warm up?



When I begin to train in the realm of 85-90% of my 1RM, I use a belt.

Also, don’t forget about GM’s, if low back is your weak point they’ll be very helpful. Another thing if your going to train towards a 1RM in a session, cut out the several sets of 6-reps.

I usually begin with 5-6; next is a 3 (or another 5, depending on how warmed up I am); next is 3, so is the next one. After that it’s 1…1…1… - get it?

Don’t max out every week, also work on speed. Dimels will be good, too.

Thank you.
I have posted this on several boards I frequent and your training input has been the most helpful so far.
Like I said I’m working from ground zero on these so I have no flippin’ idea how to train for them.
I will insert GMs back into my training and try the different rep schemes.

Thanks again~


I would make sure you get some core work in to get your d.l.strong and help prevent injuries.I would also take your deads off the floor and work on form and what style d.l.suits you best sumo or conventinal.
A ? for you.How does one get started in the highland games comps.?