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Deadlift Tailbone Pain


Hello, I’ve been lifting weights for quite some time now but I’m still having issues with my deadlifts. I keep wanting to hyperextend my back at the bottom of the deadlift and I do it everytime unless I really concentrate on just that part of the movement. Any ideas on why I keep doing it And any suggestions to fix it? I think part of it is as a girl sticking your butt out feels normal if that makes any sence but since I keep doing that I feel pain in my tailbone sometimes.


Huh. I’m not sure. I think of most people hyperextending their back when locking it out - Leaning back really far at the top of a DL or when using a Hyper machine.

This part of your post sounds like you may have lordosis. You can look it up, and see if that’s what you’re doing.

You can correct it by working on your posture. Look up - correct lordosis, or how to fix anterior pelvic tilt. There are lots of helpful videos on youtube. Also work to strengthen your opposing muscles, abs.

Assuming your pain is caused from this, here’s a video that touches on why it’s NO BUENO when doing OHPing or locking out a DL. The whole video is good.

Watch from about minute marker 2:48 for low back. About minute marker 4:00 for DL specific arching/ extension. I’m not sure why your tailbone specifically is painful, but if you feel like you’re standing up straight with your butt out, then you need to get used to rolling your pelvis to a more neutral position when you stand and retrain your body to know what’s neutral. Your brain is wrong about what standing up straight should feel like. The excessive arching can cause compression and shearing in the lumbar spine.

I hope this helps.

Best of luck with your training!


The basic is to visit a traumatologist and most likely he will want to see an Xray from you or a tomography or something of the sort, to find out if you have some problem there.


Thank you both! I haven’t even thought about having something actually
wrong but it makes sense. Even in short car rides my lower back has always
given me problems. Definitely will make a doctor’s appointment