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Deadlift Suit


so im looking at competing at the worlds meet in reno for the WABDL federation, here is the rules for gear :

Single ply polyester squat and deadlift are allowed, along with one-piece singlets. Canvas and denim are not allowed. Groove briefs may be used. Single ply bench shirts are allowed in polyester or denim. Some double ply polyester bench shirts are allowed and double ply denim shirts. Canvas shirts are not allowed. Velcro straps on the back of the bench shirts are allowed for closing the back of the shirt. Open back / split neck / floppy back shirts are not legal. Knee wraps not exceeding 2 meters / 6.5 feet may be used. Wrist wraps not exceeding 1 meter / 3.25 feet may be used. Please see the "Official Gear" section for a complete listing of approved equipment.

im a complete newb but as my deadlift is near 500, gear could be a considerable help with others using it as well for my class. adding as little as 30 pounds could be the difference,
so what would guys with gear experiance reccommend for a dl suit? i was looking at titan briefs for 50$ and my friend at the gym who informed me of the meet says they are great evem for dling.
much thanks in advance


I love my Metal King DL suit, but they aren't cheap. I don't have any experience with briefs. You won't get as much out of a suit for DLing as you will for squatting or benching equipped, but I tend to get around 50-60 lbs (and my DL sucks).


Do you pull conventional or sumo?


If you pull sumo, then most decent 1-ply squat suits would work well- e.g. Metal V, Centurion. Even a cheapo old school suit like a Crains or an Inzer Z-suit will help a lot.

For a conventional puller, the options are fewer. The Metal Deadlifter works very well. Most other DL suits (Inzer and Titan) are not that good for a conventional puller. If you buy a Metal DL suit- buy a cup and jock strap as well- otherwise the suit will crush your testicles. I have heard good things about the Metal King suits but I have never used one.

Briefs will also help a sumo puller a good bit- but not as much as a suit. Briefs help a conventional puller even less.

The advantage of the suit (i.e., the straps) is what makes it harder to use for new lifter. The tighter the straps, better the pop off the floor- but it also make it much harder to set up with good form. This is soemthign that must be ironed out in training.


thanks, im a conventional puller, a guy at my gym reccommended a loose inzer evolution combined with tight titan briefs so i can set up easier ill check the prices that will probablly be deciding factor


pinto or anyone else is there much difference between the metal king and metal viking besides price?


Personally, having spent a ton of time fooling around with altering gear, etc., I can't fathom that recommendation for a conventional puller.

Think about it. If you can set up easier you will get less from the gear because it is not pushing through the planes you need it to.

Wether you pull conventional or sumo, you want tight straps and snug hips. The key is to get the straps as far forward as possible so they pull you back.

Really, in my experience, the only thing a conventional puller can hope for out of a suit is a little pop off the floor and, if set up right, the straps should lock you into an upright position so once you get the weight moving, you are in a mechanically advantageous position to lock it out.

Having said this, I have only worked with a handful of conventional pullers who were patient enough to make a suit work.

Most guys put one on, panic about their ability to get to the bar, end up rounded over terribly and can barely pull 225. Then they get pissed and are back in a singlet or suit that is so loose they might as well be in a singlet.

The bottom line is if you want to get weight out of a suit, you have to spend a fair amount of time in it and progressively tighten it.

To me, tight hips are much harder to overcome in a DL suit than tight straps, assuming they are set up right.


For Conventional:
The Metal King Pro and Inzer Fusion seem to be the best ones on the market right now. A lot of people also like some of the older Titan Suits and the Inzer Max DL (the advantage of the first two that I mentioned are that they have adjustable straps). Check with your federation to make sure that adjustable straps are allowed.

Once you learn the suit you can expect between 40-65 lbs of carryover depending on where your sticking point is. Suits generally help more from the floor and then stall out around the knees.

For Sumo:
Here you just want to go with a squat suit and any type of squat suit should work. How much carryover can depend on the suit and your technique. I do not have much experience with Sumo so I cannot recommend what might work best for you.


Funny, I squat and DL sumo in a sumo DL suit, and Firebug9 squats in a DL suit and pulls conventionally in a squat suit.

My stall is definitely mid-knee...I have the scrapes to prove it!


Do you mean this is where you miss a limit lift or that you slow considerably at this point?


It's where I miss, because I slow considerably and fail to get my hips through fast enough. The pop from the suit ends right about there for me, but I'm decent at lockout above that point. If I make it past the top of the knee, I make the lift.


If this is happening on your suited pull you really need to take a look at your starting position. If the suit is not set up right and you are not sitting back into it with your lats set hard you are going to have to correct your starting position as you pass your knees which can be like pushing a rock up hill in a suit.

I would be real interested in seeing a video of this and info on what suit you are wearing.