Ok-got a problem. I deadlift sumo style (much better for my ape-armed body type) and am having problems getting stuck with the weight on the floor. Once off the floor, lockout is not a problem. But getting to the next level is, because the damn thing won’t move past my shoelaces. Any ideas on what I can do to strengthen whatever area is weak? Thanks…

This is common for sumo deadlifters. Try doing wide stance box squats, ultra wide sumos (put a couple of collars on each side before you put the weights on and put your feet out to where the weights would normally be), and wide stance pull throughs. Along with these special exercises don’t neglect the basic good mornings, squats and core conditioning exercises.

use lighter weight and focus on exploding the weight up in the bottom motion. you might not have to do a full deadlift rep for this purpose. another idea is to change your routine a little or even your stance to add variety and muscle confusion. laters pk

I had/have the same problem, although I dLift conventional style. My usual remedy is do stand on a couple of plates (25’s) to add just a little more ROM to the movement. If you DL twice a week, do this on one of the days, and only go as heavy as you can with perfect form. This will help with your flexibility as well, and getting a good starting position. Hope it helps.