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Deadlift: Stretch in Chest with Hook Grip


Doing deadlifts with a pronated hook grip, what would cause you to feel a strong stretch in your chest area, mostly where your upper chest attaches to your anterior delts? When i have done deadlifts with a mixed grip i have not felt this kind of a stretch.

I can post a video if really needed. but if you know what im talking about maybe you know whats going on.


I always pull pronated hook grip and have had this too - usually on my right hand side.

I've had a few right side RC injuries and usually have tightness in this pec, particularly around the attachment site you speak of. I believe the "strain" is from having overly tight pecs. The physio has done deep tissue massage around this area and also has me doing doorway stretches etc, and this seems to have fixed the problem.

So yeah, I'd try address possible pec tightness first.


I'll second that was experiencing the same thing and started doing chest/shoulder stretches. Not an issue anymore.


I seem to instantly get these red irritated spots on my forearms (same spot on both forearms) when using a hook grip, its kind of wierd , i dont feel anything at the site but it must have something to do with a few of the tendons that move your fingers around. I dont really know much else.


So ive been using a hook grip on stuff for a few weeks . I tried using a mixed grip again when doing deadlifts and now it actually feels awkward. For me at least i feel like its easier to initiate a good hard pull off the floor with the hook grip. I think i am hooked now.


Ive read that people think you should change up the type of deadlifting you are doing on a weekly basis , such as alternating regular, snatch and sumo deadlifts , and also incorporating some rack pulls.

What do you think about this ? Do any of you regularly alternate deadlift types and currently have a 500+ DL?



Currently im not sure if i should have more than one deadlift session per week. Im just not quite sure the volume, % of 1RM i should be using most the time , or if i should be performing the same type of deadlift week in week out.

Would it make sense to have a cycle such as this ? Assuming you were deadlifting heavy once per week and would do one type of deadlift each session.(?)

  1. Conventional
  2. Sumo
  3. Snatch
  4. Rack pulls

Tell me if you know anything regarding this