Deadlift = Strange Looks?

wait until you push yourself to the point your screaming because you are beyond ur limit ~ then post again.

but before that, youll hear some whistles and by then no one will be looking at you ~

WHat the hell are you talking about?

Even at my school in a weight training class I have kids come up to me and ask me if I’m afraid of hurting my back deadlifting. They ask how my knees dont kill from going “so low” on squats when im still working on getting the flexibility to go calfs to hammies and this past week I was trying to explain why pullups/chinups are better than lat pulldowns and the kid said that pullups and chinups dont even work your lats. He then proceeded to tell me that the lats were in the middle of my back. The average gym goer is a dumbass.

Just keep doing it. Personally, I like getting weird looks. It’s fun!

My gym is very very basic, it’s a silly community center and I’m not allowed to do half the lifts I would like. I like doing t-bar rows. But what I gotta do for that, is take the o-bar from the bench press and put it up agaisnt the wall and put some plates on the end.
People look at me like I’m out of my effin mind.

Deadlifts are great though, most people look at me like I’m stupid. Except for one of the part time trainers who will walk up to me and always remind me how cool it is to see at least one person do a big lift like that in the gym.

I get stared at as well. I also do weighted chins and dips. Every once in a while I hear “oh that’s what that belt with the chain is for”.

One cool thing I’ve noticed is that now that I’m a regular at this gym I’ve seen a few of the other folks starting to do squats and deads now. Maybe watching me for the last three months has convinced them that these lifts won’t damage them.

Whenever I do deadlifts, people literally stare at me as if they were waiting for an injury to happen. You should remember that the average joe doesn’t know how safe deadlifts are if done right.

was deadlifting last week. and three guys who were on the bench, stopped and watch me do my set… came up to me and started saying that it was a pointless exercise and that it was “easy” anyway. i then challenged them to lift the bar… they couldnt, i laughed, slapped on another 2 10kg plates and tore out 4 big reps, with a smile on my face.

got a question thou, is chalk cheating?

HAha…I cant believe those pricks even had the balls to tell you it was easy. What were they a couple of retards ?

hey, relatively long time reader, first time posting. realised this happens to me as well.

usually i’d do deadlifts in the old gym on campus which is filled with lots and lots of free wieghts covered with a thin layer of rust. excellent stuff. naturally, its usually empty as everyone heads to the newer gym filled with cardio machines and the only free weight found there is on the bench press.

today however i’m home for the weekend and the nearest gym is the community gym. did deadlifts today working up to a 5RM of 265pds (yes, i know thats not much). by the time i was working up from 200pds, everyone in the free weights area were giving me the ‘look’. even the guy who worked there stood nearby, waiting for something bad to happen.

i found it hilarious.

you want wierd looks do hyperextentions on one of them workout balls haha damn ive had some people ask me some wierd questions

I get the same thing. I figure mostly it’s because of
a) the sticking your ass out part of it
b) skinny guys loading multiple plates on any excercise (in commercial gyms) is quite rare

yea they thought because they were relativily toned and “athelic” looking (biceps and chest) that it would be easy.

i look like i sit on my arse all day and do no excercise but im a lot stronger than i look. they were benching sets of 4 at 80kg, not even touching chest and last 2/3 reps were aided. felt like putting it up to 90 and doing 5 “proper reps” just to humiliate them further. but it wasnt chest day. tomorrow however is… heres hoping :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I used to go to a very very popular commercial gym (are we not allowed to say the gym?)…but anyway, I hated going because there was only ONE power rack and it took forever to work in with others, not to mention how annoying it was to constantly clean up after others or fix the weight etc. Then there was this small area to do dead lifts RIGHT next to the Smith machine…so it was always crowded around that area. It just became a huge head ache. Im glad my apartment complex has a gym with free weights and cables.

I’ve been doing dumb bell deadlifts and found them to be a suitable substitute for now. Its just nice to be in the gym for 30-45 minutes and get EVERYTHING done and walk up to my own place. I hate spending an hour and half at the gym…most of that waiting for people, trying to find substitutes for a compound movement because they took out the other power rack and put a “Butt blaster” machine, etc.

do cleans in a community rec center… I get all the cardio bunnies staring at me like I’m crazy.

if you have more then 2 plates on anything you will also get looks at a rec center though…

^ sounds like a pussy rec center.

The people who stare are usually the ones confused why they cant add a good deal of mass. They’re the ones who never deadlift or squat.

I always end up staring at the guy doing shoulder presses and chest presses on the damn swiss ball.

I am waiting for his ass to fall off…ha ha. That would be some funny shit!!!