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Deadlift - Stiff Leg or Regular Barbell


Anyone give their thoughts on whether stiff leg or regular barbell deadlift is better as a back exercise?

I did stiff leg the other day and feel it in the hammy and lower back

doing regular is more a middle / upper back exercise? which is what I want to target





I feel the deadlifts in my lower back more than upper. Try pullups, BOR for upper back.


If you want to know what muscles an exercise works, just think of where the tension has to run through. Deadlifts and their variations isometrically work your lats (keeping the weight close to your body and preventing your arms from getting ripped off) and both your traps and rhomboids (keeping the weight from ripping your shoulder blades off your body). Think about it, if you've got a big fucking weight in your hands, don't you think you'd need something to stabilize your arms? It's kind of like how your spinal erectors and abdominal muscles maintain your posture during squats or deadlifts. Stiff leg deadlifts are kind of like close grip benches in that they concentrate more on the hamstrings, forcing you to use a lower weight than vanilla deadlifts. As a result, your back isn't going to be worked as hard because less stress is being placed upon it.

That being said, if you really want to work your upper back do pull-ups and rows in addition to deadlifts.


Neither is good for targeting the mid/upper back SPECIFICALLY.

Both will use the legs and lower back to a great degree.

Rack pulls will take the leg drive out of the movement.


Yeah i use deadlifts as a lower back/quad exercise on shoulder/back day. For Upper/middle adding BB rows and facepulls are great.


Yep - Compound movement, I feel it in the upper back from the final motion of drawing the shoulders back and together, I guess its a bit "mind muscle" as well really...

would regular deadlift be the main or "common" lift? or do people vary week to week or even do both? stiff leg and regular?

basically I'm trying to settle on one or the other for a period in order to increase my max

any tips or is it purely personal pref


i dont think that the stiff leg deadlifts or romanian, or whatever more bodybuilding version of the deadlift, is very good for the hamstrings. i only feel it in the junction of the hamstring and glute and only for a second.