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Deadlift Starting Point?


So I started doing dead lifting this week...since Im tall and a beginner Im using a trap bar so I don't tear my back up..whats a good starting point to do sets with? I started with body weight and I was able to do 8 reps easy. I bumped up to 260lbs and it was still fairly easy but I had some soreness the next day...2 days later (today) I started with 1X6 @ 260 and worked up to 2X3 @ 310..should I lower the weight and do more reps/sets? I feel like I could probably max around 350 is this respectable for a beginner at a body weight of 240?

I appreciate your input


A trap bar deadlift is typically harder than a straight bar / deadlift bar deadlift. This is because the bar won't be dragged up your shins and because your hands are forced into a wider position.

If you can get the weight and are using good form I say have at it. Don't sacrifice form too much on deadlift though, its a quick way to hurt your back or neck.


If you just started deadlifting you're going to feel soreness. It depends on what you want to accomplish. If your trying to bulk or lift bigger, I would suggest using the 5/3/1 program to increase your weight. If your looking to get leaner and plan on doing a lot of reps, I'd say keep doing what your doing. Also, make sure your form is good. It's real easy to hurt your back and neck doing deadlifts.


Im trying to bulk a little then cut down before summer so Ill probably stick with higher reps...Im trying to be a nazi about form since back problems run in the genes..as far as the soreness goes should I be feeling it in my quads and glutes or is that a sign of poor form? Im definitely getting so pump in my mid and upper back too but my legs are the worst


definitely try 5/3/1 if you're a beginner. technique/starting position is something you'll need to delve into on your own. remember everyones body is built differently so don't go by what the guy next to you is doing. especially with deadlifts


You'll feel it in your legs, that's normal, especially your glutes and hamstrings because it's working your whole posterier chain, which consists of the lower back, glutes and hamstrings. Sounds like you're doing it right.