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Deadlift Stance

So over the last few months of training, I’ve been changing from sumo to conventional pulling. I brought up conventional until plateauing, then switched to sumo which quickly increased. Both have seen new PRs (More so in sumo as its my least trained stance) as well as improved technique. However, the last few cycles, I’ve found after a few weeks the stance I’ve been using stars becoming structurally weaker and my body tries to bring in the alternate stance. For example, the last two deadlift sessions I’ve had, my sumo stance has become considerably narrower. My last conventional cycle, my stance over time became considerably wider.

Does this happen at all to anyone else and any ideas as to why? At present it’s not so much an issue, just an interesting occurrence I’ve realised within my training.

Is your body weight fluctuating? Are you experiencing any new physical limitations from training?

I’ve lost some weight but body comp wise, I look exactly the same. The only limitation I really have is on my squat which hasn’t improved in months, no matter what I do with it. The deadlift keeps improving both stances but I can never stick with one for long before form becomes poor