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Deadlift Stalled for Months. Help Needed.


Around about April/May I was able to first pull 200kg (with crap form). Since then I have fixed my form dramatically (with the help of a PT) but I have stalled on the deadlift, only increasing it to around 207.5 kg.

I was on Ed Coan's Deadlift program and that increased by deadlift from 200 to 207.5 but I have stalled on this program as well. I was wondering if I should decrease my deadlift frequency of 1-2 times a week and maybe focusing on heavy box squats and lower back/hamstring strengthening exercises?

Any advice would be much appreciated thanks.


7.5 kilos in a few months is a decent gain in the deadlift, at least from my experience. Do you switch between training sumo and conventional? I’ve found this is all I need to get things “moving” again (I put that in quotation marks because my gains on deadlift will always be slow).


I have been training exclusively conventional, I’ll try to incorporate some Sumo deadlift into my routine. I assumed that I should train exclusively with conventional as it suits my body’s levers.


I’ve found deadlift to be a lift I build and only minimally practice and usually at lighter weights. So basically, I’ll do speed pulls once a week and do specialty exercises for my hips, legs, and back like front squats, k-bell swings, stiff-legged DL’s/romanian DL’s, and pause squats.

Also, how’s your form? A form check certainly wouldn’t hurt. You can see the most from the side.


Josh Bryant and many others believe the deadlift needs a great deal if work . In stalled at 585 a few years ago . In my workouts I would hit app one lift at around 450 then one in the 500 + range .

I’m in the app 650 range now , and my workout consisted of a 455, 500 warmups, 590 double , deficit pulls from 2" with 40 lbs of chain on my neck with 480,455,420. Then 455 x 3, 4 sets then the rest of the stuff. That’s 19 reps with 75%+ ish.
I’m not a train the muscles deadlift guy.