Deadlift - Squat

Just wondering what the average persons deadlift numbers look like compared to their squat numbers?

390 squat 450 dead. Squat makes me want to die and dead-I am just need better technique…

Don’t know if I’m average but my squat is 200 Kg (440lbs) and my deadlift is 230Kg (506lbs)

Some people think that a 5:4:3 ratio of deadlift/squat/bench means you’re equally strong in all lifts. It’s not a bad rule of thumb.

last checked early December, Squat=410, DL=455lbs 5sets of doubles.

Hopefully up now.

What is the point/reason for this by the way?? Pissing contest?? I Lose. LOL


You aren’t going to get “average” numbers here, only those who aren’t embarrassed or they want to brag.

I’m not embarrased…not braggin
Last I tried for 1RM I got 405 in squat and 405 dead.

I am built to Dl. I pulled double my bodyweight before I benchpressed just my bodyweight. I have gorrila arms and a strong postieror chain. Best squat in belt and wraps 505, best DL with belt 595 all lifting in the 181s. Now if I could just get my bench up.

my squat was 485 this summer with belts and wraps, my sumo deadlift was 485 two years ago in full powerlifting gear at BW 161, I think it’s prolly round 550 now with bodyweight 185

right now im sittin at a 465 squat for a double and 445 deadlift. I never trained the deadlift till me last year of high school, thats why its weaker i think. Most people seem to have there dead either equal or higher then there squat

Deadlift: ~300 (maybe slightly lower)
Squat: 220

Deadlift 375
Squat 365

I have heard that the DL should be higher than squats, but mine is not. This probably has to do with me doing cleans during high school. I didn’t do DL’s until about a year ago, and finally moved up enough to max. My squats are 450lbs with a belt (I have never wrapped my knees but want too) and my DL is 400lbs. I am about 210, softer body though…

My squat is around 465. My dead is around 600.


Deadlift: 350
Without anything

Squat: Don’t Know, i say 160
I don’t really do them but i know
i got to work on it

Bench: 200
On Good Days

At a body weight of 138

255 squat
250 deadlift
BW 182lbs.
That’s without a belt or spotter. And I could have gone higher, I just didn’t feel the need to completely max out.

I am not really a weight lifter, I just do it to supplement my bike sprinting.

Wasn’t meant to be a pissing contest, I was just curious how peoples squat compared to their deadlift as I havent trained my deadlift in about a year (yes I know) and my squat has increased so I was just wondering what to expect. Squat - 290
DL - ?350?
Bench - 285 … ya squats need work.

Deadlift ~= SQ*1.1
ie about 10% more on the deadlift.

Squat : 405 ass to grass
Dead: 555.
bw: 179

Since I have nothing impressive to add to this thread, I thought I’d crunch some numbers.

Leaving out those whose Squat #s are higher than (or almost identical to) their Deadlift #s, the Squat is in a range of 73-90% of the Dead; the average is a Squat that is 82% of the Dead.

Just in case anyone was wondering where they stacked up compared to the other posters so far. Of course, we don’t know if all the stats are from people who are actually maxing out on the two moves, or really need to practice one or the other.

Just my 2%. And my own numbers, as a percentage, fall within the range. So I hereby declare my methodology valid! :wink: