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Deadlift Squat Weight Difference


what's your max for each and difference?
squat 365
deadlift 405

only 40 lb difference. i noticed a lot of people have closer to 100lb difference, and i wonder wtf is wrong with my deadlift


maybe you are a good squatter ?


Squat 579
Dead 525 single ply in uspf. Raw they are about equal around 525. I dont get much out of a dead lift suit. My sqaut is going to be over 600 soon 579 was cake.


Squat 310
Deadlift 440

130 lb difference and i wonder wtf is wrong with my squat. lol


Approx. 500 raw squat and 550ish raw dead!


Nice numbers how much you weigh?


Thanks! I float between 230 and 240. Trying to come down to 210-220 at the moment tho.


620 Raw Squat, 620 Raw Dead. I'm either good at Squatting, or bad at DL'ing. Or both.


Around 450 deadlift (equipped)
Around 575 Squat (equipped)

I don't lift raw, so I don't know. I also have a bad back. Just why way of skewing the numbers. :slight_smile:

Raw, I'd say my squat is around 400 & deadlift is around 420+. As I said, bad backs skew the numbers.


Raw squat at 395 and Raw deadlift at 410. I just never pull until a month out, so its undertrained.


455 x7 deadlift (straps/ no belt)
315 x5 squat (raw/ no belt)


500 squat
470 deadlift
performed in single ply inzer suit with inzer wraps

still learning how to use everything in the deadlift so the number should come up very soon. Im naturally a squat guy, its in my blood (Bluecollartr8n is my pops) so i dont have a whole lot of trouble with big weight in that area but im still learning how to pull right.


Single ply + knees wraps squat = 675ish.
Deadlift stays the same.


squat 625 (loose singly poly hardcore suit/belt/wraps) 530 RAW box squat
deadlift 606 RAW


Raw Squat 335
Raw Dead 455

I think it comes down to genetics. I have a naturally strong back that strengthens quickly. My legs..not so much.


Squat 180kg
Deadlift 240kg

Im a bad squater. and a bad deadlifter


415x5 deadlift (approx. 475 max)
415x3 squat (approx. 450 max)
Belt only.

I think the small difference is because I have not put the work into training my deadlift that I have my squat; I just sort of focus on my squat, and the deadlift is left as an afterthought. I think I have a weak back, too . (With a 415x5 deadlift, I must, eh?) :-/


DL 570
Sqt 465

I lift raw and feel I am a pretty strong puller, but will be focusing on my squat to close the gap.


squat 495
daedlift 585


Yeah Im in the same boat as you. My quads are actualy pretty large. I just cant seem to squat. Every single one of my lifts has improved/keeps improving. Except my squat....I need a coach or something.

Squat: 350
Dead: 450