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Deadlift/Squat Discrepancy


I've been lurking for a while, and finally decided to make an account. I've been training seriously for about 8 months, currently weighing 191 at 6'.

My current squat max is 305 lbs, while I can deadlift 405 for a max-effort 5 rep set. I was wondering what typical deadlift to squat comparisons looked like, and what I might do to resolve issues with (what I perceive as) a relatively low squat number.

I've been training squats at the beginning of each pushing day for legs, working up to 2-3 sets of triples. Should I work within a more moderate rep range?

All responses are appreciated. Thanks guys!


can we have vidoes of both please. that will help.


I'll try to post videos within the next week.