Deadlift & Squat Carryover

Have you seen more carry over to Deadlifts from doing Squatting? Or the other way around?

I tried to use this amazing Search function to see if anyone posted this, however I didn’t get this specific question answered

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for me? Squats to deadlifts.

Same here. Heavy squating makes my deadlift go up. Heavy power cleans make my deadlift go up even more.

Squat to DL and funny enough DL to DL :stuck_out_tongue:


sumo deads make my squat go up. I conventional DL in meets but do some sumo when a meet is not too close. I squat fairly narrow too but I was surprised to discover this when I tried to sumo DL in a meet and trained them hard for a while.

for me, squats to dl.

Squat to DL to manliness.

My raw squat goes up when my deadlift goes up. Seems to do FA for my suited squat though. The extra size and core strength probably lets me use more of my gear whore muscles in the raw squat.

Sumo DL makes my squat go up. If my squat goes up my conventional DL goes up…usually. Seems to be changing the last little while. There’s no feed-forward for me from conventional DL to the squat however.

Heavy raw squats makes my deadlift go up.