Deadlift Specialist

I was looking at Canada’s powerlifting records online, and I noticed the Ontario sub-junior deadlift record for the 110kg(240lb) class was… well, not there… The national record is drumroll 175 kilos(385lb). I am currently a lean 95kg(208lb), 17, and I can do that for reps…
Therefore, I have decided it would be fun to go for a national powerlifting record :smiley:
I will be a “sub-junior” until the end of this year, and was therefore planning to compete twice, once in a couple of months to get the hang of things, and then later to see how far I can pull myself :slight_smile:

The one issue is I am not really built for squatting and benching: I am currently suffering from an unknown knee pain; and the last time I benched I pushed 120kg(265lb) - benching heavy causes my elbows and shoulders to hurt.

My question is: Where should I go from here?
Any suggestions on a program I can follow without further aggrevating my knee pain? (deadlifting does not seem to bother it, climbing stairs, or bodyweight squats do)

I was thinking I would do a modified west side program, but I have no experiance with powerlifting, so I do not really know what I should do.


There are a few things you can do about the knee pain, like widening your squat up. A wider-stance takes emphasis off your knees, and puts it on your hips.

Shoulders and elbows hurting on the bench could also be a technique thing.

Whereabouts are you in ON? The best way to help you would be in person, and there are PL groups all over the place. I’m with Anvil in Toronto, PowerPit is down by Windsor, Golden triangle in Kitchener, and there are clubs in London and Niagara as well. Shoot me a PM and we’ll see if we can get you hooked up…