Deadlift Socks

Hello, I have just purchased some socks for my upcoming meet. If put on not rolled dwon the come over my knee, but if I roll the top down then its all good. Will these socks be able to be used at a meet,/pass inspection?

Which fed are you lifting in? You should be able to find the rules for socks in your fed’s rule book. Usually as long as they cover the shin, do not touch any part of the “costume” (singlet, suit, undershorts, etc., or knee sleeves), you should be golden.

I’m lifting Usapl, so IPF

Also raw

Are there rules for socks in PL??

Look in the rule book of your federation. It’s really not a hard concept. Use Google.

From the IPF rule book 2012

Socks may be worn.
(a) They may be of any colour or colours and may have manufacturer?s logos.
(b) They shall not be of such length on the leg that they come into contact with the knee wraps or knee
cap supporter.
(c) Full length leg stockings, tights or hose are strictly forbidden.
Shin length socks must be worn to cover and protect the shins

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So if I am not wearing wraps or knee sleeves and they come over my knee it’s all good?

[quote]Rawteen wrote:
So if I am not wearing wraps or knee sleeves and they come over my knee it’s all good?[/quote]

I would lump over the knee socks in with stockings. In theory, they shouldn’t do any more to help you than powder on your legs but, depending on the ref, I’ve seen lifters made to leave the platform to pull their socks below their knees.

I don’t think they will let you wear them over the knees, that qualifies them as no longer being ‘shin length socks’. So what I do personally, is instead of lumping them below the knee so they get in the way of the bar, i like to lump em at the top of your shoes if that makes sense. This way the sock can run right up to below your knee, but still be smooth the whole way.