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Deadlift Socks w/ Soccer Shin Guards?

I was at the gym and overheard someone suggesting wearing plastic soccer shinguards like these under deadlift socks to help protect the shins. (https://www.nike.com/t/mercurial-lite-soccer-shin-guards-sQBtPc)

To be fair, the guy’s shins were pretty cut up. But, what I was wondering if that would be legal in a meet (either raw or equipped)? They certainty aren’t “equipment” in the way that term is usually used (assisting the muscles). But there is perhaps an argument that they’d decrease friction as the bar comes up the legs? Maybe?

Anyway, just curious as to whether this would be allowable in a meet scenario or only for training.

Depends on the specific federation. There are no universal rules in the sport.


I have a tattoo on my shin that I make a priority to protect, so I just cut a piece of plastic out of an orange juice jug and slide that under my sock. Works great, over time it has sort of contoured to the shape of my shin a bit so I don’t even notice it pulling, much lower profile than a typical shin guard too so you’ll be able to keep the bar closer to your body. Competing in USPA they have always said it is fine.


I was deadlifting with my knee sleeves (7mm) on my shins. I recently took them off, and I think heavy weight feels a bit easier.

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