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Deadlift Slippers in Stores?


I'm competing this weekend and my buddy has convinced me my shoes are awful and I need to get some flat soled shoes or deadlift slippers. Problem is that converses and shit don't go past 12 and I wear a 14.5. My friend has a pair of size 12 deadlift slippers that he stretched out with shirts to fit his size 14's, so I figure that will work for me as well.

The problem is, I can't get them in time if I order them.

Anyone know of any stores that might carry them or something similar? I'm in DC area, but will be in Orlando tomorrow. Help a brotha out!


May r you can get a pair of new balance minimus. Don't know if they go that big though .


I don't know if any respectable power lifter pulls in these^ but REI had um in stock last time I looked.


Check Wal-mart. I just found a $7 pair of water shoes size 14 that work quite well. Represent SWVA well!


You want to go to a dance supply store and get dance slippers. They are basically like ballet slippers without the lace up part, preferably black unless you want to rock the pink on the platform.


Dance slippers in 14.5?


I actually pull in the vibrams and have really enjoyed them. I'll even squat in them if I forget my chucks - though the lack of heel isn't particularly great.



I pull in my vibrams, but i don't care for squatting in them. However, I'm not sure if you can use them in meets. I'd check on that first. Also, they're like $85. Fila makes something similar for $45 (Kohl's I believe).


I pull in my aqua-socks/shoes which I bought for kayaking. Its like wearing socks. Pretty awesome. You may look into that...


Thanks for the tips everyone...I ended up not being able to find water shoes or ballet slippers, so just went and pulled in my New Balances...hit a 100 pound meet PR, so that was pretty cool...definitely going to invest in one of these options for next meet!