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Deadlift Slipper Experience?

Wait are we talking srs

Yeah. Like RPS you can go barefoot.

SPF I think was socks at a minimum.

Just doesn’t make sense to me to use slippers if bare/socks are allowed.

If Im ever k enough to compete after this back injury… the ipf affiliates here almost certainly won’t allow barefoot. The fun feds im not sure @MarkKO?

Ahh yeah IPF has to be slipper or shoe ( I’m pretty sure ). So that makes sense.

I’m surprised there’s barefoot feds at all though. Never heard of them and figured that there was a reason everyone had footwear of some sort on

No, only SPF in the states allows barefoot as far as I’m aware.

Also would avoid slippers for sumo. Wrestling shoes are good though.

EDIT RPS because @corstijeir would know. I got mixed up


We have, to my mind, a strong ballet dancer on these forums Era Of Brutality: Built For Battle Speed/Explosive Option (Oh, And Ballet)

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I’ve heard sumo and slippers nah but there’s a fair few dudes who do. Even just Aussies I think there’s a bunch who pull sumo in slips

Girls pissing on the platform

That’s why you pull sumo, you’ll never step in it.


I got the notorious lift slippers specifically for sumo

Rubber boots for conventional

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I just use whatever trainers I have that have a flat sole without too much padding. I kept a pair of Diadora Game Low for ages that wore out for street wear because they were perfect for the gym.

The only slipper insight I can offer from dance is that my current pair, Capezio Mr, are a revelation because the suede split sole under the ball of the feet is huge by comparison to any others I’ve seen - like the “footprint” of a low profile tyre.

Have you tried yoga socks?