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Deadlift Slipper Experience?

Thinking of buying some slippers for deadlifts.

Have used the SABO deadlift in the past. Liked the flatness of them and traction was alright but nothing special. They felt kinda restrictive though and the straps/lateral stability didn’t do much for me.

Deadlifting barefoot or socks still feels best and I’ve haven’t had issues lateral stability or roll over. So I thought I’d give slippers a go.

What can I expect from slippers and any brands you guys recommend? I’m in Australia if it matters any


I just use a old pair of swimming slippers

Sumo or conventional? For sumo I’d stick with the Sabo shoes. I’ve used actual deadlift slippers for conventional and they were good. The uppers were so soft/stretchy I’d be worried about rolling or sliding off the sole doing sumo.


I used them for conventional and they were great. Sumo I’m not sure, I’ve never tried.

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Both so including sumo. Vertical shins at the starting position so I’ve never had lateral slippage in anything on worn or barefoot

I wear Notorious Lift slippers for Squat and Deadlift.

I originally got them to do sumo in offseason, and I was wearing A7 slippers before for conventional
Made a huge difference, and they look better than the A7 too. Much more snug too and no shifting inside the shoe made it good for squats.

I seen people bench in them since they’re grippy, but I prefer an elevated heel for bench.

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How close to barefoot are they?

How were the A7s?

I dunno if I can get the Notorious Lifts because am not in the states. I think they sold out rn also

The A7s were alright. They got the job done for conventional and I wore them for two meets I think.

Very loose compared to the Notorious Lifts. Like when you were a kid running around in only socks. And the sole is kinda floppy.

I’ve seen dudes all over the world wearing Notorious Lifts, but shipping might be a bitch. Get a whole pairs in one shipment next drop and be the plug for Australia haha. I think they’re having Blue in their next release.

My friend has a pair of Lifting Large Groundlocks, which look similar to the Notorious Lifts. They’re a US based site as far as I know.

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So perfect sizing the with A7 arent gonna be like that?

What I want is something approximating barefoot.

Because I found the Sabo deadlifts a bit restrictive if anything. Between the fit, lacing and metatarsal straps kinda squeezed my feet and even the ankle support it didn’t feel right at all. Maybe I was too use to pulling barefoot but when I put on the SABOs it’s worse.

Maybe a loose (in a way) slipper is what I’m looking for? I may like the loose feel as long as it ain’t slippery or rolling over and stuff

Couldn’t really feel any difference between that and barefoot. Significantly closer to the floor than regular shoes.

Does your federation not allow barefoot?

You got me worried for you, posting videos in tights and now you want slippers. Don’t tell me you’re into ballet now.


Not sure how perfect sizing can get with the A7s. They make other good equipment, but I don’t think their slippers are up there.

I have two friends who tore the sole off from doing sumo after a few sessions. Mine fit pretty well when I’m walkin around, but they;d def roll from trying sumo in them.

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Have you considered wrestling shoes?

Ur just jealous of how graceful I’ll be

Time to step your game up and buy a tutu


Material around the ankle doesn’t work for me

Raw w/ socks

Then why the slippers if you can wear socks?