Deadlift Shoes with Wide Toebox?

I currently use Sabu Deadlift shoes. I like them, but I really want something with a wider toebox. So far, only the Ursus Bearfoot shoes have what I’m looking for.

Does anyone have other recommendations?


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I deadlift in socks. IMO it’s the best, but for competing, I use these bad boys.


I just use ones with a thin sole.

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I’m gonna be the weirdo here but I personally love Vibram 5-fingers. The toe separation pretty much forces you to splay your feet out to a wide base. IMO they’re not only as close as you can get to deadlifting barefoot, but actually a bit better because of the automatic toe splaying.


When I lifted in public gyms I always got a kick out of being the toe shoe weirdo.

I never even considered the toe splaying effect but it makes sense. All of my deads are done barefoot at home or in vibrams at gyms.

I like the idea of Vibrams, but they aren’t allowed in competition.

What fed? Just curious.

Did they make a positive effect on your stance?

Ehh… maybe a little. Just to be clear, I’m definitely not one of those “feet-obsessed-rooting-is-everything-death-to-Chucks” kind of guys, I’m kind of minimalist with shoes so having one pair of shoes I can use for all 3 lifts, and hiking, and swimming, and working in the yard… is nice.


Y’all ain’t got no style.

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