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Deadlift Sets

I like to stand up in between reps in the deadlift - how long can i spend getting myself set up for the next rep in the same set?

Do I have to really rush?

I’d say rest for one long breath when you’re fresh and then increase the rest as you get tired. When doing deads in this manner I see no reason to actually count seconds as it would severely hinder concentration.

No of course not. Just do it when you feel ready.

As long as in future workouts you lift more weight, do more reps, do more sets or take less rest you’ll be overloading your muscles and will grow or at least get stronger.

Deadlifts in particular are one exercise you should only attempt if you’re completely ‘set’ and ready. Never rush a heavy deadlift. Do it when you’re ready and able.

I thought so - it was just with CW’s Total Body Training programs I was finding myself doing sets of 12 or 15 that were taking quite a while - I was trying to go as close to failure as possible towards the end of TBT - they were killers