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Deadlift Set-Up

Alright I put another post in strength sports. I have another thing though if I don’t get anythin from it. I’m in-patient, sorry haha. Anyways critique please.
Deadlift 2 x 5 reps (heavy) …one rep, do set-up again, one rep-set up proper etc. No bouncing or touch and go.
Stiff Leg deads - 3x10, eventually workin to lower reps as weeks pass by, 2x8, 2x5 etc.
Bent over row + Chins - 4sets of 5-10

I’m debating whether or not tp do rack pulls, to get used to ehavier weight either. If i do It’d be after the deadlifts. Also…I’d most likely do pinchgripping or so after the session. That’s all. THanks please critique!