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Deadlift Rut

I deadlift raw around up to 440 I hurt my tendon took 2 weeks off from only deading ,now I can barely rep 410 my form is great ,all I do is read about form watch vids of proper form but I still can’t move up .my max is 460 with belt ,I’m doing the 5/3/1 been doing it for around 3 months I’d appreciate any help tips or is it that I won’t ever lift more my goal 500 dead feel like I’ll never get there .

About me I’m 40 225 # I work 6 days a week graveyard Im always tired but I can’t do shit about that. BENCH 370. Squat deep 425.

What tendon did you hurt? Whats your 531 schedule like and how often do you push the last set on deads?

Bench 5/3/1 2heavy singles,narrow 3 x12 1 or2 heavy singles ,incline 3x15 1or 2 heavy singles ,flys 4x12,3sets dips ,triceps 5x20, 3x15 rolling tricep extension .
Shoulders 5/3/1 2 heavy singles ,seated dumbbell press 4x15 1set heavy 80 #s,power shrugs 225 315 365 405 10-15 ,arms seated curls,5 sets 1arm curl 15-20,3sets curl bar,then forearm and grip
Deads 5/3/1 2 heavy singles,4x12-15 bb rows,4x15 lat pull downs,pull ups 50,
Legs 5/3/1 2 heavy singles ,5x10 squat,calves,abs not much.
That’s my program I workout alone got a power rack for safety let me no what u think all advice is appreciated ,I’m trying to get steroids this guy I no is selling 30 dbol pills for 230 way to much same for 10 ml of test,can’t find reliable way to buy it on the net,if u or ne one nos good way to get that on the net let me no

I liked 5/3/1 a lot when I ran it, and I learned a lot about training/programming from it, but Id say I saw much better results in my other lifts. It didn’t really work as well for deads. I started seeing better progress when I went with more volume/frequency with no AMRAP sets, and working in bands. Just a personal opinion there.

With your work schedule opting for more ‘volume’ could really mess with your fatigue state already so I’m not going to suggest anything like that. What I would say is either CUBE METHOD or change the deadlift variation you use on each cycle or a better assistance exercise? Deficit pulls, block pulls, reverse band, bands from the floor, chains, change from conventional to sumo ect… Do more working sets?

The only other thing I’d suggest is trying 3 days a week versus 4 if thats what you’re doing. Goes against the more frequency thing, but it may help your recovery. You could include a 4th day for some conditioning.

Coming back from an injury, especially a tendon or a ligament is going to take you some time to get back to top form. It sucks.

Deadlift is the trickiest to improve, mine has stayed put for about the last year.

What are your sticking points/problems?

Are you weak off the floor, mid range, lockout? Are you using too much lower back and not enough leg drive? Do all your reps feel slow?

Some people benefit with high frequency deadlifting at submax weights, 2-3 times a week. Some people benefit with a heavy weight low frequency program like Coan Phillipi.

What has worked for you in the past? Success leaves cues.

Maybe post a vid and we can help you further.

Thanks a lot for the feed back really I was worried that I won’t ever get better or lift more, I love deadlifts it’s my favorite thing to do. I dont care as much about benching or squats I mean I want to be strong in all my lifts but I fuckin love deads,I worry that that’s as good as it’ll get I won’t break 460 or ever hit 500 thats my dream that’s me hitting the lottery,but it’s all about the journey I love lifting ,it helped me stay sober goin on 5 years now.

About my deads I use to work my way up I’d do warm ups then hit heavy doubles then singles max out every time I liked that it drained the hell out of me but I liked it might go back to that what do u think?? I also agree I need more assitance lifts ,I’m weak about mid- range my grip is solid I just can’t break that middle i did the coan that almost killed me but I did all lifts bench squat and dead.

i also have a fucked up diet I work grave yard I’m a maintenance mechanic so I don’t get a lot of time to eat if I’m on a call some times I don’t take lunch til 4am. Then I’m not really wanting to eat ,my diet sucks .1 more question I lift as soon as I wake up I stretch for 15-20 min drink my creatine and hit it ,DO YOU SUGGEST EATING FIRST IF SO WHAT?? im always strapped for time .Again thanks for the feed back

I would definitely eat something before lifting in the morning. Doesn’t have to be a lot, but get some simple carbs in there to kick start your body along with some protein. Something as simple as some OJ, a banana, and maybe a couple pieces of bacon and mix in some protein with your creatine shake.

I’d ditch 5-3-1 and try something else, maybe the cube as suggested above. I really don’t find a bunch of AMRAP sets to be helpful for the deadlift. Some deadlift variations, and some 1RMs mixed in with some speed work. Sounds like you already had success on a program more structured towards heavy singles instead of AMRAP, so I’d give that a shot again.

Deadlift rut? Do you stand in the rut with the bar out of the rut, or the other way round.

I tried deadlifting with the bar in the rut as a type of deficit deadlift, but it is easier to just stand on some plates instead. Its not always easy to find a rut of the right depth etc

You could keep deadlifting 5/3/1 and do some heavy work. Just leave a couple of reps in the tank for the AMRAP or just do what’s prescribed and then do a few to several heavy singles. How heavy would just depend on how your feeling and what you can recover from.

If you want some frequency, maybe try doing some deads after squatting. As far as how much effort you put into that you’d have to play around with it.

Whatever you do, do it consistently and record your results so you know what does and doesn’t work.

^ Groan. (at the terrible Scottish humour)

I’d try a deadlift singles program instead of AMRAP. I’m a fan of this Lee Hayward one:

7 Week Deadlift Cycle

The weights are based on a percentage of your current 1 rep max.

Week one: 70% - 15 sets of 1 - rest one minute between sets
Week two: 75% - 12 sets of 1 - rest one minute between sets
Week three: 80% - 10 sets of 1 - rest 90 seconds between sets
Week four: 85% - 6 sets of 1 - rest 90 seconds between sets
Week five: 90% - 3 sets of 1 - rest two minutes between sets
Week six: Rest (no deadlifting)
Week seven: try for a new max deadlift. Rest as long as you need in between sets (i.e. 3+ minutes)

Not sure how long you have been 5/3/1-ing but a different approach might shake things up a bit.

Thanks for the advice I’m probably goin to switch it up,and I’ll for sure start eating before I lift .