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Deadlift/Row Question


I was just wondering if its ok to do barbell rows 24hrs after doing deads? My upper and lower back are always a little sore the day after deadlifts,(which i could work through no problem)but do i need to give the whole back a day off for recovery??? Im just starting the OLAD program and wanted to go Mon-Bench, Tue- Deadlift, Wed-Row, Fri- something triceps oriented, Sat-Squats


That sounds like a whole lot of pressure on your lower back region. After a heavy day of deadlifting, I know I would never be able to follow that with a strong bb row session the very next day. I don't know anything about the OLAD program, but my current split is C/B on tuesday (where I often include bb rows), and then on friday I'll come back and do deadlifts with some other power movements. The few days in b/n make a world of difference for me, so I'm strong on both days.



Does it feel OK to do them? Try it for a few weeks and see if you can handle it. A little soreness if fine, but if you feel lower back pain, not a good thing.

As another option, DL on Mondays, Bench Tues, Row Weds. For your tricep option, you might want to consider dips or overhead presses, something compound, not just focusing on the triceps.


I often seperate deadlifts and rows by 48 hrs. I do not see a problem with this, although I do notice a significant decrease in the amount of weight I can use rowing.

If I separate the two sessions by 72 hours or more my rowing performance vastly increases.

To give you an example:

If I wait 48 hrs my last 2 sets are normally 265lbs for 4-5 reps.

But, if I wait 72 hrs I can bang out 3 reps of 315lbs with strict form.

Btw, I just hit the 315lbs 5 weeks ago and am very proud of that number because it has been a goal of mine to be able to do that weight with strict form for years (when I do go for the 315lbs I use straps)

This may just be me, but it has something that I have noticed. My best advice is to experiment and see how your body reacts - but my first thought is that 24hrs gives your body very little time to recover from an intense deadlifting session. I would consider switching the rowing and triceps days.

However, my advice may be worthless as I am not familiar with the OLAD system.


Yeah i'll have to switch things up i think. Im very impatient and just threw it all together immediately when i read the routine Monday morning and just started. So then today i was like hmmm wait i dont know about this!I actually just ended up taking the day off entirely today out of indecisiveness...being indecisive is another problem i have besides impatience lol. I'll seperate the row day from deadlift from now on. By the way OLAD stands for One Lift a Day and is a program by Dan John here.

Oh and the triceps day would definitely be something heavy like JM Presses..certainly im not a kickback kinda guy :wink:Could do military press instead of triceps day but hell...i gotta play favorites a little bit, tris are my favorite muscle to work.


Honestly I've never felt deadlifts in my lats and could never understand how people could claim lats were a major muscle in deadlifting, so I would have no problem with it.


I think he's talking about his lower back being sore from deadlifting, then having to statically hold that same position for rows the next day.